Friday, February 27, 2009

Obama's Budget

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Good news
increased funding for family planning.

Tax increase for the Rich
that make OVER $250,000

What do YOU make?

Families would get an $800 Tax Credit

Encourage businesse to encourage 401K plan for workers

Limit US Based Multinational businesses from hiding Overseas Earnings, and pay NO Tax on them.

Private Equity Managers would pay Regulare income tax rates NOT capital Gains taxes rates

Big Farms with income of $500,000 would get NO subsidies.

Move to Universal Health Care
Index Pell Grants

End the war in Iraq.
Be careful What you read
for example =
WSJ - front page = "Top tax rate for couples would  rise to 39.6% from 35%"
But it left out = FOR COUPLES EARNING $250,000.
THIS document is publicly viewable at:    


Monday, January 26, 2009


Some global adversaries ready to give Obama chance

In his inaugural address, President Barack Obama signaled conciliation to America's foes by using the
metaphor of an outstretched hand to an unclenched fist.

Already, there are signs that some of those foes were listening, sensing an opening for improved relations after eight combative years under President George W. Bush.

Fidel Castro is said to like the new American leader, and
North Korea and
Iran both sounded open to new ideas to defuse nuclear-tinged tensions.

Unclear is what they will demand in return from the untested American statesman, and whether they will agree to the compromises the U.S. is likely to insist on in exchange for warmer relations.

Are the Castro brothers really willing to move toward democracy?

*** Why does Cuba have to be a democracy?
Who made THAT Rule?

Can Russia and the West heal their widening estrangement?
*** USA should let THEM work that out
there are to many problems in the USA
that YOU need to solve.

Will Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez stop being a thorn in America's side?
*** Chevez sees the USA
as a - "thorn in HIS side".